Mom Sees Another Woman At Target Carrying A Huge Coffee In Yoga Pants, But She Says Nothing. Then She Asks Facebook To Track Down Her 'Best Mom Friend'

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A Florida mom’s “missed connections” post is going viral after she opened up about wishing she had befriended another mom at Target.

As ABC News reports, Nikki Pennington was searching for crayons at a Target store in Tampa Bay earlier this week, when she saw another mom she felt like she connected with.

“I was wearing my mom couture complete with dry shampoo hair, no makeup, yesterday’s t-shirt and yoga pants,” Pennington’s post began. “You were also wearing yoga pants with flip flops and a messy bun. The venti Starbucks in your hand was a dead giveaway that even though you were wearing yoga pants you had in fact not come from the gym. I know because I was doing the exact same thing.”

Though she attempted to glance at the name written on the stranger’s cup, Pennington couldn’t read it.

“But let’s be honest, at my age I’m on the verge of needing readers to see that far away,” she joked.

Since it was posted on Tuesday, Pennington’s post has been shared thousands of times, with many moms agreeing that they can totally relate to her dilemma.

“I’ve been getting amazing feedback,” Pennington, 32, wrote to ABC News. “So many fellow moms and women have been saying they actually met a best friend in Target! It’s been so neat to read those stories. I’ve also had women comment that they have a hard time meeting mom friends and this might be an option for them to meet a friend because they are always in Target too!”

Pennington said the “BMFF,” best mom friend forever, had a car full of diapers, soda, wine, and chocolate, which once again confirmed her suspicions that this woman would be a great mom friend to have.

After returning home from Target, Pennington told her husband about the incident.

“He jokingly said I should put an ad out to try and find my future best mom friend from Target,” she said. “Little did he know I would think his joke was a great idea!”

While she hasn’t any bites on her ad just yet, Pennington is confident that she’ll one day find her BMFF.

“If I see her again, I will recognize her,” she said

At the very least, Pennington hopes her post “gives them [other moms] the courage to say ‘hi’ next time, like I should have done, to a future mom friend in Target.”

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