Teachers Are Stunned When They Discover How These Two Girls Are Related On The First Day Of School

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It’s easy to mistake Marcia and Millie Biggs for close friends, rather than twin sisters. At 11 years old, these two girls are as different as night and day, despite sharing a womb for nine months.

As Inside Edition reports, the twins, who are from England, couldn’t look more different from one another.

When they were born, it was clear to their parents that Marcia and Millie looked different than most twins.

But as they got older, the girls started to look so different from each other that strangers could no longer tell that they were sisters.

The twins’ mother, Amanda Biggs, is white, while their dad, Michael Biggs, is Jamaican.

While Millie has a dark complexion with dark curly hair and brown eyes, Marcia is light-skinned with blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Within a few months, the changes started to happen," Michael Biggs told SWNS. "Millie started to suddenly get darker, and we thought that the same would happen to Marcia. I thought to myself: 'No problem - one black, one white.' We never worried about it, though, we just accepted it.”

As the girls prepare to start middle school this week, Amanda and Michael have already been forced to meet with their teachers to explain that they are in fact twins.

"I'd be picking them up after school, and the other parents would stop me and say: 'Are they your daughters?'” Amanda Biggs said. "When I told that them that they were twins, they would always be stunned. I notice a lot of people doing double-takes.”

While the girls may look like polar opposites in terms of skin tone, eye color, and hair color, their mother says her twins are actually becoming more similar with age.

“They look almost exactly the same. They are both absolutely beautiful, and they make me proud every day,” Amanda said. "They do absolutely everything together.”

The proud parents do note, however, that Millie loves princesses while Marcia is more of a Tomboy than her sister.

“They're both very outgoing and positive, which is wonderful. They're great to be around, because they always make you smile,” Amanda said. "I've devoted my whole life to looking after them, and I've treasured seeing them grow up together.”

As for the girls, they actually think it’s pretty funny when people don’t realize they are twins.

“It makes me laugh a lot when people don't believe that we're twins,” Millie said.

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